About us

Who we are

Partnering to build a world free of toxicity.

Certain genres of games like MOBAs and shooters are known for having very toxic communities, which serve as a huge barriers for new and developing players as well as players who are not comfortable with confrontation.

We believe that all players have the right to play any game regardless of skill level and not be subjected to harassment of any type.   Gaming communities should be welcoming to new players and encouraging to developing players.

Video games should be fun and the challenges faced should come from within the game through quest and adventures or through healthy competition.  No player should be subjected to emotional trauma.

Our approach

Our Mission
NonToxic Gamers is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to fighting toxicity in gaming through education and awareness.

We actively seek to educate gamers and developers to bring awareness to the emotional and physical effect of toxicity.  But it’s not something we can do alone. 

Seeking partnerships with developers, esports organizations, content creators, universities, grade schools, conventions, other nonprofits and more greatly expands our reach allowing us to have a greater impact.

Our Vision
We want to see gamers having fun!

At times it can seem like everyone is toxic but we’ve observed that in many cases the toxic, though the minority, but are much more verbal than the majority. 

Toxicity is a solvable problem, but it requires the silent majority to ban together and stand up against those that would cause harm or allow others to cause harm. 

We seek to equip that silent majority with knowledge and resources to give them the confidence needed to change the narrative.