Since our founding in 2015, the NonToxic Gamers community has grown to include YouTubers and other content creators with tens of thousands of subscribers and millions of views.  In addition, our organization continues to fight against toxicity in gaming, and is dedicated to providing people of all ages and skill levels with a safe and encouraging environment for casual and competitive game play.

All content produced by our content creators is suitable for viewers of all ages.  The professionalism and family-friendly nature of our content makes us an excellent choice for promotions and has allowed us to work with many of the top mobile developers and publishers and PC publishers as well.  Most of our content creators are under contract or NDA with one or many game studios.

Beginning 2018, NonToxic Gamers officially stepped into esports. Having qualified a professional team in their first season of play, NonToxic Gamers would go on to compete to represent North America in Arena of Valor. Today, NonToxic Gamers has expanded into other market segments, including Magic: The Gathering Arena, Brawl Stars, and Clash Royale, where players compete and work side-by-side with developers to grow a healthy esports community.